Harmonie Tumblers Colors Of Joy Intense Set

Harmonie Tumblers Colors Of Joy Intense Set

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Harmonie, the contemporary collection for new taste adventurers, is now being unveiled in color. Four shades, vibrant, intense and festive, are joining the Harmonie line of tumblers. Luminous and transparent, their clear crystal base plays on contrast and highlights their hues, while vertical lines cut into the crystal, vary their intensity. From joyful to infinitely cheerful. Harmonie is the collection for creative cocktail enthusiasts and lovers of rare whiskies. Its "Colors of Joy" exude creativity by bringing a touch of unexpected color and diversity to moments of tasting and sharing. In color or clear crystal, each Baccarat piece is an invitation to celebrate life!Red tumbler: Double cased crystal tumbler in a deep, luminous red, emblematic of Baccarat... and passionately loved.Orange tumbler: Double cased crystal tumber in a deep orange that evokes sunshine, energy and cheerfulness at all times.Emerald tumbler: Double cased crystal goblet in shimmering emerald green, as bold as it is elegant.Moss green tumbler: Double cased crystal tumbler in a radiant, springtime moss green.

Details: H 10.50cm , W 2.10kg, D 8.20cm

Capacity : 36 cl

Material: Crystal

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