Berries Scarf Purse

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Update your look with Ibo Maraca's handmade Berries Scarf Purse. The leather handle as well as the purse feature hand painted berries, while a beautiful silk scarf with vibrant lime and purple colors decorates the handle. Wear it from day to evening and give your summer outfits originality and a touch of style and color.

Style: Crochet

Color: Ivory straw / handpainted berries prints

Material: 100% Handmade Grochet Toquilla Straw

Bag Handle: Natural Leather Hand painted

Garments: 100% silk scarf 0.27X0.27 with berries prints, leather fringes

Lining: Trademark Paint Brush
Red pom-pom
Embroidered logo

Size: 30 x 20 height

Made in Greece

Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, designs may vary slightly.
Each piece is one of a kind!
Each bag carries our signature silver paintbrush brooch with our iconic logo.
 iconic logo.

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